”It happens in Rotterdam’

The community of the RDM Flex Office is growing. Read the interview with DOON, one of the flexers.


DOON teaches students, teachers and employees of companies to respond to the rapidly changing world. Technology is the main theme here. With work forms as Hackathons and Make-athons, they trigger education and business to embrace the opportunities of automation, robotisation and digitization and prepare for the future.

Why are you flexing on the RDM?

”It happens in Rotterdam. The RDM is the heart of Rotterdam-The Hague metropolitan area where education, technology and the business world are extremely strongly represented. The RDM Flex Office is therefore an environment where there are many opportunities for cooperation with interesting companies from education and business. ”


What are you looking for?

“The jobs are changing and the employee of the future too. Learning ‘continuously’ or ‘life-long’ is essential. Also , the match between education and practice can become a lot stronger. We integrate innovation and new developments in training programs of education and in transition programs of companies. We are happy to work with iTanks their innovation processes and with other organizations that are taking the step to start a change process. ”

Also interested in a flexible workspace at the RDM?
Call or mail Robin Groen: +31 6 30 81 80 78 | Robin@itanks.eu
More information: www.itanks.eu/flexen-op-rdm/