Partner case: Innovative laser lighting

Turbid environments such as smoke, fog or underwater cause unsafe situations due to poor visibility. Our partner Parhelion developed a solution using innovative laser lighting, the successor of LED. A blue lamp which, through the use of a MEMS chip – a form of nanotechnology – creates an improved view in turbid environments such as smoke or fog. This blue lamp was awarded a golden Edison Award in New York.

In addition, there is a white lamp in development which is very energy efficient and can serve as a substitute for halogen spotlights. Extra interesting in view of the ban on halogen in 2018. Both the blue and the white light are characterized by the very low energy consumption (1-2 Watt) and by the very low operating temperature of 34 ° C, against eg 85 ° C by halogen. This innovation based on laser and nanotechnology offers enormous potential for the industry, which has a lot to do with the problem of poor visibility due to turbid environments.