Partner case: Reyms Industrial Latex

Industrial Latex: innovative protection for the industry!

Industrial latex … A striking innovative solution for the industry developed by iTanks partner Reym. Industrial latex is a polymer that is applied by means of an efficient airless spray, brush, roller or immersion. This Industrial latex is a weather resistant, easily peelable, plastic layer that offers temporary protection on metals, plastics, concrete and other surfaces. Everything remains protected, parts during transport, storage to installation parts. This latex is currently used in industrial environments such as Oil and Gas, (Petro) Chemicals, Food and Energy.

Industrial latex is an efficient innovation for industrial applications. It is easy to apply, but also easy to remove and protects optimally against pollution. This means fewer cleaning operations, environmental benefits due to less use of chemicals and a reduction in cleaning and maintenance costs. The limits of the areas of application of Industrial latex have not yet been reached, and that offers opportunities!

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