Review World Port Business Breakfast

On 6 September 2019 we opened the season together with partners from the port ecosystem. The World Port Business Breakfast during the Wereldhavendagen. Together with more than 150 guests and various speakers gathered around the Energy Transition theme.

The energy transition is underway! The World Port Business Breakfast looked at current programs in the region and the power of the network. Discussions were ongoing with Miranda Janse (Gemeente Rotterdam), Alice Krekt (Deltalinqs), Maike Akkers (Port of Rotterdam) and Jorn Douwstra (Rotterdam Partners) about a good climate for sustainable development. In the process from driving to implementing innovation, collaboration is essential to achieve results. And that happens! As Miranda Janse of the Municipality of Rotterdam said: “Vision without realization is hallucination.”

The realization of innovation was discussed with Aaldrik Haijer (Water & Energy Solutions), Roy Osinga (Flower Turbines) and Tim van Berchum (Concordia Damen). For them too, sharing knowledge and working together is an important factor in the success of the initiatives. And last but not least, knowledge and finances are needed. About this, Marit van Lieshout (Hogeschool Rotterdam and RHDHV) and Pieter Baan (ING) explained how the future is being built. We thank Port of Rotterdam, Rotterdam Partners, PortXL, RMSC, Deltalinqs, RPPC, Gemeente Rotterdam, Innovation Quarter, Maritime Delta and Hogeschool Rotterdam for your cooperation and your contributions!