Sam Safety becomes Bolster Safety

Technological and industrial developments follow each other faster and faster, employees have to keep their knowledge and expertise up-to-date at all times. A small error in the port can have enormous consequences, so safety is an important theme and has the highest priority.

It is a missed opportunity that safety instructions in industry are still transferred in a classical way in many places – by informing, applying, testing – and using old-fashioned tools. For example, during many toolbox sessions, people are pleasantly warm inside the shack and passively listen to a story about safety risks. The emphasis is on informing and not so much on learning. The question is whether this information really sticks. That is better!

And that is why TNO, iTanks and Malmberg SAM Safety were established in 2015. SAM is an abbreviation of Safety At Mainport. Safety in the port. SAM is a digital learning tool with a large number of modules Рup to now over 150 Рand different games. With SAM, employees are trained in the field of safety risks, through short 10-minute safety training courses. SAM offers this still, but also a lot more. They are also experts in security screening at daily port accesses and SAM is used for onboarding at turnarounds and projects.

Together we keep the work floor safe. Not only in the port, but in every risky industry. In the Netherlands and also in other parts of Europe. And soon in the rest of the world.

Sam Safety becomes Bolster Safety
Safety At Mainport no longer covers the load. Time for a new name:

To bolster means securing, supporting and jacking up. With Bolster, everything becomes better and stronger. Bolster your skills, Bolster your safety and also: Bolster your insights.

Where SAM emphasized more effective training, Bolster Safety also focuses on insight into the capabilities of the team. What is going well? Where are the areas for improvement? Who needs extra training? It is therefore possible to adjust effectively and efficiently. Bolster Safety offers concrete tools to keep the expertise in the team up to standard and identifies risks. So that safety can be increased with concrete actions.

Perhaps also in your organisation? For more information, contact Bolster Safety and they will gladly tell you more.

Bolster Safety
Parallelweg 1
3112 NA Schiedam
T: 0031 85 902 1201

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