Sam Safety & TCC give safety knowledge a boost

TCC (Training and Course Center) and Sam Safety, both partners of iTanks, signed a cooperation agreement on Wednesday 23 May. This happened appropriately in the training center of TCC in Rotterdam that was briefly renamed industrial party center for the occasion. The guests could see how they can learn about flange connections with a Sam Safety training. In addition, there was the opportunity to walk through the training center and experience with augmented reality how virtual employees on a forklift truck drove or worked with the high-pressure sprayer.

Achieving safe working together
TCC and Sam Safety have previously worked together successfully for a turnaround project in the Rotterdam Botlek area. TCC then provided practical training and Sam Safety provided the theoretical training and tests on iPads. The vision of both organizations: ‘increasing the safety level in the (high-) risk industry’ asked for further cooperation. The requirements imposed by the SIR, SOG and Besacc (Belgium) on hazardous tasks, elaborated in the theoretical material of TCC, are now being converted into short digital SAM trainings. Because of the efficient approach with Sam there is more time left for practical training during a TCC training day.

Sam Safety and TCC work together to train workers for the high-risk industry. The short, highly visualized training courses offer the opportunity to improve and maintain professional knowledge in a pleasant way and to reduce risks to health, safety and the environment.

Grip on working safely via short digital training
Sam Safety started as a collaboration between TNO, iTanks and educational publishing company Malmberg. Sam offers short 10-minute training courses for the high risk industry in general and the petrochemical industry in particular through a digital learning environment. The training courses are often developed together with the customer / user. The training sessions contain little text, the activities are visualized with film, animations and photographs. With these short training courses, employees maintain their knowledge in the field of safety and increase their safety awareness. This is a benefit for daily safe working and the prevention of incidents. The workers can also prepare themselves in a short time for specific work at a certain location. The range of training courses is now being expanded with that for the hazardous tasks.


Renowned training center for hazardous tasks in the industry
TCC has been a renowned training center for training (in house and in field) of hazardous tasks for fifteen years. To prevent incidents, employees working in high-risk environments, such as petrochemicals, must be qualified to perform specific hazardous tasks. The qualifications are valid for a number of years, after which certification must be repeated. Consider, for example, the aforementioned work on flange connections, gas meters, working with respiratory protection or safely relocating loads. TCC provides these training courses, both theory and practice. They are an accredited examination institute: after the training the participants can also take the exam there.