Successful Effective Flange Management session

It is a big problem that there are no professionals anymore.’

On Tuesday, April 24, we organized in collaboration with BFS the substantive session Effective Flange Management in the Innovation Dock at RDM Rotterdam. In this way we respond to a very relevant theme, the importance of professionals in the field of flange mounting. Because all those present agreed on the importance of well-trained technicians.

The select group of a representative group from the industry made it possible to go into the subject matter in depth and depth during the substantive part of the program. For example, BFS showed the importance of well-trained technicians and Peter Dijkgraaf of Dijkgraaf Support how mechanics can easily take part in a competency test. The results of these tests can be validated in Digital Safety Passport. Then of course the question remains how; do you keep the knowledge up-to-date? Sam Safety has an e-learning tool for this. These options were also discussed. Then it was time for practice. And that means work suit and assemble.

Some reactions from those present;

‘It is a big problem that there are no professionals anymore. In the past, flange labels were used. With this you could see who has closed which flange and, in case of errors, speak to the right person = lessons learned. That is different now ‘

‘You should not do the competences and certification because the government requires it. You have to do this for yourself to limit the number of incidents and deliver the highest possible quality. ‘

‘There was a good substantive event and a representative group from the industry that were present. Everyone agreed that there should be competence testing for fitters. It is a good thing that the project will be continued, “says Niels Hermans – BFS.