Sustainable energy innovation event

On ??-?? ?????????, EIT InnoEnergy’s leading sustainable energy innovation event, The Business Booster will take place in Lisbon, ???????? ???!

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The world is waking up to a stark reality: the race to reach
net zero by 2050 is in danger of being lost unless we rapidly activate and scale today’s technologies, while simultaneously unleashing a new age of discovery to find the unseen solutions of tomorrow. In short, we must focus all our efforts on a twin strategy of exploration and exploitation.

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Fast beating climate change will demand rapid innovation from every corner of society. The effort required will be huge, and none of it will be easy. Existing technologies will have a massive impact on net zero if we rapidly scale and commercialise those technologies that can drive the most change.

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Accelerating today’s technologies will buy us time but, according to the IEA, half the technologies we need to achieve net zero haven’t been invented yet. That means the critical second element of our mission has to be exploration.

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Early bird tickets to the event are now open. Don’t miss your chance to register and meet face to face with industry, investors, policy makers, and the best sustainable energy innovations under one roof.