Your process and/or machine more efficient en effective with PDEng student

Ever thought about the TU Twente as a sparring partner? Or looking for talent with the advantage of a two-year application period or maybe you already have talent and looking for the right education program for your employees. TU Delft’s PDEng program responds to these issues from the business world.

PDEng programme Robotics

The Professional Doctorate in Engineering (PDEng) programme Robotics educates trainees to develop high-quality, creative and innovative designs for complex technological issues. The technological designer is highly capable in linking various disciplines and thereafter integrating them to produce effective designs. The programme combines state-of-the-art technical expertise with professional development to result in an inspiring and relevant learning process.

Design Project in industry

A PDEng trainee follows a 2 year post-Master’s designer programme at the University of Twente. In consultation with your organisation, this tailor made programme will be set up to educate trainees who are able to design high level and creative designs for complex issues with a multidisciplinary character. As the commissioning company, you will be involved in the selection of the PDEng candidate.

The PDEng in Robotics is a perfect way to encounter the design needs of the industry. During the project, your organization will get familiar the trainee and can determine if he/she fits within the organization when the project has ended. After completion of the PDEng programme, trainees get a certified diplomas that will be entered into a central Register, which is kept by the “Koninklijk Instituut Van Ingenieurs” (KIVI, Royal Dutch Society of Engineers).

Expert supervision from university and company

At the start of a PDEng trajectory, a supervision team will be composed, consisting of experts of the University of Twente and a supervisor within your company. Together, they provide the PDEng trainee with state-of-the-art knowledge and technology, expert advises about the planning and execution of the project, and they guide the trainee to adequate realization of the project goals. During the PDEng programme, a trainee can use the knowledge infrastructure of the University.


The PDEng programme is the perfect opportunity for talented students to boost their career and for organisations that need solutions for technological design problems. For more information, see the website.