Sustainable crowdfunding

Oneplanetcrowd finances companies and projects from €100,000 to €10 million+ that have a positive impact on people or the environment. We do this for a wide variety of SMEs entrepreneurs and energy projects. Wit a community of more than 30,000 investors, we are the largest sustainable crows financing platform in the Netherlands. A financing campaign atOneplanetcrowd also provides publicity to a large group of conscious investors, brings increasedbrand awareness and free publicity for the company.

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Collin Crowdfund is an expert, accessible and transparent crowdfunding platform forestablished, creditworthy SMEs, seeking financing for their ambitions.

Collin offers entrepreneurs:

  • borrowing via Crowdfunding as an alternative to or supplement to bank financing.
  • experienced, regionally working Crowdfund Coaches who guide the loan application process.
  • a short lead time for a complete loan application.
  • the possibility of pre-publication and registration for relations (inner circle consisting of employees, customers, family, suppliers, friends, etc).

Collin offers investors:

  • an attractive return on well-reviewed investment opportunities with an objective Collin Credit Score.
  • insight into the performance of your portfolio via your ‘My Collin Account’.

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