Turnaround Services

De Challenge

Refineries and petro(-chemical) plants execute turnarounds and shutdowns on a regular base. Before going into maintenance, the processing equipment gets emptied and needs to be cleaned. The different products processed in the production facilities have a different need for cleaning – chemical cleaning, steaming or a combination of it. Mostly the emergency flares can not be used to process the vapours from the cleaning process and the vapors will be directed to fix, or intermediate wastewater storage tanks and vapors will be released to the atmosphere. Releasing vapors from volantile organic compounds is dangerous to the workers around and it is harmful to the neighbours of the facility in the public environment. Besides of this, the odor penetrates people and their life quality.

De Solution

The ENDEGS own developed solution for mobile degassing can be used at every place. The solution is time and cost effective and can be placed close to the place of maintenance which would release the vapors to the atmosphere. Furthermore ENDEGS has developed working processes which are also patented to minimize the overall risk and increase the level of safety. In any case the mobile combustion unit from ENDEGS is able to handle the vapors from tanks, vaccum trucks and/or from mobile liquid storage tanks without affect of noise, open flame or odor to the surrounding. Besides of the mobile combustion unit for degassing the vapor occuring during the maintenance, ENDEGS highly skilled operator controls the process and ensures the safe operation for all workers involved.

De Businesscase

The added value delivered from ENDEGS is first of all a legal compliance operation for the industry and generates safe working procedures for everyone involved. Besides of safety the protection of the environment is another top priority.


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