European ports choose Aquatic Drones

European ports embrace Aqua Drones, who inspect safely in difficult location-related locations.

AquaSmartXL has demonstrated with several clients and partners in recent months. The free vessels, with measuring and measuring equipment, inspect where other resources can not be used. Because it is too dangerous and not practical.

During the inspections a 3D scan, that is made of the constructions. And moreover, everything is captured visually. On the basis of the information, an inspector can, from the convenience of his own office, carry out an inspection. In the 3D inspect cloud application in a 3D model of the construction.

The value of this method of inspection appears in projects that have been carried out in several ports. This can be seen in a video of a project commissioned by Northsea Ports & Valuepark. Another good example is the video of an inspection of a quay construction that could not be reached in another way in the port of Ostend. Beside to Ostend and North Sea Ports, tasks were also performed for the port companies of Amsterdam and Antwerp.

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