Partners in the iTanks Innovation Zone | Deel 3

From 10 to 12 March, iTanks will be at the iTanks Innovation Zone with around 16 partners at StocExpo in Rotterdam Ahoy. In this third article you can read what four participating parties will present during the exhibition days. We will be happy to welcome you during one of these days. Register to visit us at stand E28 via this link.

Qlayers makes storage tank coating processes more efficient, consistent, environmentally-friendly and safe. Qlayers robot moves vertically along the outer surface of a tank with consistent speed, coating the tank in a smooth and fast way without any overspray. In addition, Qlayers robot performs automated quality control on every position of the tank, resulting in consistent performance that allows to predict degradation better.

In asset intensive industries a digital re-invention is disrupting existing operating models. Mining and drilling is being taken over by robots and autonomous vehicles and aftermarket services are increasingly powered by IoT data, analytics and AI. Assets are quickly becoming smarter, more sophisticated and more connected. By not being on top of digital transformations and the latest developments in asset performance management, a company can quickly lose its competitive advantage. Do you want to improve uptime and reduce maintenance costs at your production facility? At the iTanks Innovation Zone, Gemba will present the latest advancements on Enterprise Asset Management, IoT and Data Analytics.

eWorks promotes safe work environments through innovative learning solutions. We continuously raise the bar in safety culture by improving knowledge, awareness and behavior. Our products consist of online learning, training & testing, a safety escape truck and extensive on- and offline toolbox-meeting support. All of which are customizable to the client’s requirements. At StocExpo we will show our latest innovations in safety, such as our new & improved VR experience and Safety App. All our tools foster optimal employee engagement to effectively establish a safe work culture. Together we empower one save way of working.

ITIS-Tanktesters has an innovative test method for testing ERV and PVRV valves on the tank, according PGS 29 directive. Last year ITIS-Tanktesters developed an innovative test method for determining opening set-pressures and inspecting ERV en PVRV valves. This procedure makes it possible to test the ERV and PVRV valves on the tank during operation. It goes without saying that this method entails enormous cost savings compared to current used methods. This means that storage tanks no longer have to be taken out of operation to certify valves according PGS 29. This implies that lead time can be greatly reduced and mobile cranes are no longer needed in the plant. Also Safety risks are greatly reduced when applying this method.