From simulation to experience

Operator training in the control room and in the field

When it goes well, a running process is a boring process. But what if a pump fails, a pipe tears or the plant has to be started up again. You train your people for this situations with simulators. But is it neccessary to train everyone?

Traditionally, only operators in the control room are trained with an Operator Training Simulator. However, the real installation is controlled by operators in the control room AND field operators: operations in the control room together with field operations determine the performance of the installation. Especially when dealing with faults, starting the installation or shutting down many field operations are required. In those cases, communication between all relevant operators is crucial.

Why not use the real plant for realistic training?
Several suppliers of operator training simulators are committed to developing 3D virtual worlds to imitate the real factory. This is good for greenfield factories or for when the team is far away from the actual factory, but it remains a form of ‘serious gaming’ at its best. Why not use the real plant for realistic training?

Mobatec has developed a tool that train operators in the control room together with operators in the field. In this way, the handling of the process installation is fully trained and attention is paid to what may be the most important link: the communication between the control room and the field operators.

During the training, the operators of the control room use an exact copy of the real DCS. Field operators perform operations in the field; not on the real equipment, but via an ATEX approved smart device that is connected to the Operator Training Simulator. Through this integral approach with technology, process and communication, users experience the impact of their actions. The Mobatec tool integrates with all common DCS simulators and of course with Mobatec’s own OTS solution.

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