Working safely with continuous learning

Safety is one thing, but real grip on working safely goes much further. TNO, Malmberg and iTanks joined forces and developed a digital learning environment for the industrial sector called Bolster Safety formerly known as Sam Safety.

This resulted out of the need for a continuous learning process to handle the following processes;

  • Obtain the technical knowledge and procedural skills.
  • To acquire safety awareness and consequences of (un) safe behavior.
  • Providing “soft skills” (pro activity, giving feedback, motivating).

The solution was to digitize the learning environment. This brings the following benefits:

  • New ways of working with penetrating (fictional) learning experiences.
  • Experiencing consequences of choices in safety.
  • Override language barriers.
  • Employee can train in ‘lost time’.
  • Reduction in training costs.

At Bolster Safety, it is all about continuous learning. TNO research shows that when you learn for an exam, the information drops considerably faster after taking the exam than when you continue to process information. This issue can easily be solved with the use of our novelty. We create higher retention by constantly allowing professionals to become proficient with safety. Partly due to the following spearheads of Bolster Safety this is possible:

  • Regular practice in regular contact with training materials and learning where and whenever you want (Blended learning).
  • Relevance due to personal situation the supply of training material is adapted to person and situation.
  • Appropriate and motivating learning forms learning form depending on subject, eg self study or dialogue. Intrusive learning experience through serious gaming and simulations of training materials cut into equal blocks, ‘bitesized’.
  • Integral supply of uniform training materials, all relevant sources plus attention for communication, reflection and giving / receiving feedback.

Control & reporting
In addition to a learning process, Bolster Safety also provides guidance, so it remains easy for the foreman to have access to the training activities of his team. They can check how they stand for safety competencies and whether they can make progress in the long term. In addition, if an unsafe situation has recently occurred, this can immediately be addressed by adjusting the training program and by repeatedly having the situation in question practice. After a short period of time, this will result in a report that in turn is important in terms of accountability in safety management and substantiation of safety competencies.

The innovation process

IDEATE iTanks Innovation Support, commissioned by the iTanks foundation, commissioned TNO to investigate at what level the safety awareness of the bluecollor employees in the Rotterdam Harbor area is. This showed that a great deal is being done to increase this sense of safety, but in the end not much will last. TNO has made a number of suggestions to improve this. One was to involve Malmberg, an educational publisher, in the process.

CONCEPTUALIZE In this phase, iTanks Innovation Support together with Malmberg elaborated TNO’s suggestions in detail. Digitization of training and education was labeled as crucial.

PROTOTYPE iTanks Innovation Support has had the role of facilitator, mediator and accelerator in this phase. The specific technical knowledge is introduced from the iTanks network. Malmberg and TNO have shaped the digital learning environment. Ten large contractors were prepared by iTanks Innovation Support to participate in the pilot.

DEMONSTRATE In this crucial phase, iTanks Innovation Support has developed, developed and developed the business case. In addition, iTanks Innovation Support also provided intermediaries for the financial resources in this process.

REALIZE In this last phase, realizing the market introduction, iTanks Innovation Support has provided a number of important factors.

1. finding launcing partners
2. co-determine marketing plan
3. mobilizing the iTanks Partners
4. startup startup