Innovation Check with ENDEGS

We innovate togehther. That’s why we are going to play an even more active rol in connecting. We bring together the inventor and user and demonstrate realized innovations with the aim of achieving optimal results with each other. We do this during an Innovation Check.

New in the Netherlands!
On Monday 26 February, ENDEGS presented a new innovation in the area of ​​emission-free working during maintenance work, during one of the first Innovation Checks. They demonstrated the Vapor Combustible Unit; gas-free pipelines and factory parts, assistance during loading and unloading activities and temporary replacement of existing systems such as VCUs and VRUs.

> 99.9% return
The “plug and play” unit has its own power supply, is fully equipped with all necessary resources and has all necessary equipment on board. And with a guaranteed return of> 99.9%.

Focused on talking to each other about possibilities
ENDEGS demonstrated the Vapor Combustibel Unit this afternoon to a select group. Due to the intimate nature of these demonstrations, there is a lot of room for interaction and feedback, which offers space for discussing possibilities and wishes. And this is being used optimally. The company talks to each other about application areas and possible other possibilities. This inspires you to see opportunities and gives the demonstrating party a picture of the field as well as any new possibilities and further development of the product.

ENDEGS – David van Loon
“What a fantastic way to show our product at an independent platform to a diverse and small company directly from the industry.”

An Innovation Check for your product?
Do you also see possibilities of the Innovation Check for your product? We like to think along with you to set this up. Contact Ron Vaz Diaz by e-mail or by phone 06 51 61 94 19.

Made possible by…
Innovation Checks are made possible by a unique collaboration between iTanks and the Province of South Holland.