Clean air monitoring app

De Challenge

Air purification is part of the license to operate. Ensuring that your air purification system is compliant with regulations at all times requires insight.
Growing pressure on the availability of personnel for operations causes a higher likelihood that trained personnel is not always present 24/7. This can cause unwanted and unnecessary disruption with potential downtime or permit violations.

De Solution

The precise integration of sustainable air purification concepts distinguishes the systems of Krantz Clean Air Solutions from the competition.
Now this is complemented by the Clean Air Monitoring App.
Developed as part of the movement towards industry 4.0, the Clean Air Monitoring App enables on the spot insight into your air purification processes.

All relevant data always in view for control, maintenance, short-term adjustments and long-term optimisations. The Clean Air Monitoring App is available on both the iOS and Android platforms.

De Businesscase

The use of the Clean Air Monitoring App allows for controlled and safe access to the control panel of the processes. Anywhere, anytime.
This means staff can intervene even when they are not on site, making more efficient use of your manpower. Also the dashboard feature gives all required stakeholders direct insight into the performance of the systems.

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