Industry 4.0 KickStarter

De Challenge

Companies often face challenges implementing digital innovation. Whether they are just starting or continuing their journey towards digital innovation.

Due to existing legacy systems, already implemented standalone solutions, or overwhelmed due to complexity, companies can get caught up implementing (further) digital innovation. AIVHY helps these companies with achievable digital innovation.

AIVHY’s KickStarter is a service that provides an accessible starting point and achievable strategy to continuously reach optimal business potential and open new revenue streams.

De Solution

AIVHY’s KickStarter Service starts with an on-site pre-investigation that identifies opportunities within their current process by performing an analysis of the organization, processes, and technology.

It defines a future vision with the customer that aligns all innovative steps and provides a realistic roadmap to implement digital innovation, smart technology, and real-time data utilization, leveraging existing assets for transformative success.

With each low-hanging fruit that is picked, AIVHY ensures to reduce the barrier for the next improvement.

Only then, innovation can be successful in the short and long term.

De Businesscase

By analyzing the organization, processes, technology, and business goals, AIVHY creates a roadmap that enables short-term achievable improvements, while building on the road that transforms the organization into a smart business.

With AIVHY’s approach and value-generating steps, the company avoids unnecessary costs and risks, while becoming increasingly more resilient, adaptable, and progressive.

A means to achieve self-sustaining innovation, digitalization, automation and servicification resulting in:
• New revenue streams
• Improved efficiency, quality & performance
• Reduced cost, waste, risk & down-time
• Continuous improvement


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