Inline product quality control

De Challenge

Nowadays, quality control at terminals is a tedious job which can cause serious delays and face environmental challenges. Typically, a sample is taken using an open sampling system. The sample is then sent to a laboratory, and quality results can take hours to receive. Any anomalies prior to or during the transfer (such as contamination, water, etc.) can only be detected after the laboratory results are obtained. Resolving an incorrect transfer is often a job that takes time, which can cause delays for day-to-day operations and affect the pull-through at terminals. This can involve considerable costs.

De Solution

The QPlatform, based on NIR (Near-infrared) sensor technology, detects contaminations real-time during a product transfer. This prevents or limits the damage done by an incorrect transfer. The measurement is taken continuously so any deviation during the product transfer will be detected immediately. This results in cost-effective, safe and on-time operations. No hazardous (open) sampling is needed, no operational delay waiting for lab analysis and no consequential damages occur. The QPlatform can operate stand-alone or integration into a DCS (Distributed Control System).

De Businesscase

  • Fuel quality degradation due to mixing of grades typically cost around €100 per MT. Product price degradation can be easily €200.000 when line displacement is applicable.
  • Demurrage cost of a vessel can be up to €2.000 / hour. Improving delay’s by process control could save minimum 1 hour per shipment which reflect a saving of minimum €100.000.
  • Sampling cost (including analysis) typically cost €350 / sample. Reduce 1 sampling less per transfer could generate a saving of €70.000.

(Based on 200 transfers per year)

• No open sampling
• Continuous real-time quality information
• Track & trace
• REACH compliance

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