Interconnect your Company

De Challenge

Companies often rely on manual processes, legacy technology, and various stand-alone systems and solutions.
This results in:
– full potential of the company’s assets not being used,
– different assets that do not communicate with each other, and the use of different dashboards visualizing different versions of the truth.

This leads to surprises, inefficiency, frustration, and additional cost & waste.

AIVHY cyber securely interconnects any kind of existing asset in a single solution architecture, including machines, processes, IT & OT systems, and people, regardless their brand or age.

De Solution

The solution of AIVHY simplifies innovation and enables incremental and continuous improvement.

It provides an open, cyber secure and vendor-independent solution architecture that interconnects any kind of asset within your organization.

AIVHY’s solution enables real-time insights and control, consolidating all data into a single source of truth, boosting digitalization, safety, intelligence, automation, and efficiency across your “entire company”.

De Businesscase

Seamlessly integrated systems where performance metrics, energy usage, environment management, quality control, and supply chain control work in perfect harmony, giving a holistic view of your operations. Enabling nearly endless uses case:

• Real-time insight and control
• Environmental improvement & ESG compliance
• Waste Management
• Social improvements
• Optimizing maintenance
• Cross site integration
• Real-time planning
• Track & trace
• Control & automation
• Paperless working
• AI and cloud enabled improvement

We bring the power of incremental digitalization across your industrial enterprise.


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