OxyPower HTC™

De Challenge

Waste-water treatment plants worldwide produce sewage waste with residue sludge difficult to dewater containing bacteria, pharmaceuticals, phosphorous, toxins and heavy metals. Disposal costs are high and environmental targets not reached.

De Solution

A compact, robust and efficient process solution based on hydrothermal carbonisation allowing separation of phosphorous (for further use in fertilising applications) and heavy metals from sludge, degeneration of toxins, deactivation of pharmaceuticals and transformation of the remaining sludge into bio-coal. It enables waste-water treatment plants to reduce their operating and capital cost, while meeting the environmental target for sludge management.

De Businesscase

• Cost-effective sludge management saving approx. 30% vs traditional systems.
• Small, scalable one-size-fits-all solution, energy-efficient process.
• Turns harmful sludge into homogenous biofuel with a high energy density for power production at combined heat and power (CHP) plants.

C-Green Technology

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