Plug and play emission control

De Challenge

Emission control in the tank storage and chemical industry can pose a real challenge. Many different sources of emissions, a wide variety of products such as VOC’s and harmful substances, changes in flow rates. Strict emission limits and also a drive to have a low impact in the form of CO2 emissions. How to combine these into a single, smart and simple solution that meets the requirements of the authorities as well as being user-friendly and cost effective?

De Solution

Regenerative thermal oxidation is a highly efficient manner of emission control that can be used for a wide range of VOC concentrations. An RTO operates very economically even with low concentrations. When designed well, it can be used for almost all types and flows of off gas. The heat recovery is built in to the process. Therefore, the EU classifies the RTO system as ‘Best Available Technique’.
The Krantz SmartRTO brings the benefits of the RTO process to a new level: fast construction, plug and play operation. That is a real innovation that ultimately benefits the end user. Minimal downtime, maximum performance.

De Businesscase

The SmartRTO and OxiVOC systems are standardized, tried- and tested systems. The construction and testing takes place at the manufacturer’s site so the construction time is limited to the absolute minimum. After technicians connect the unit to the off gas duct, support fuel, compressed air and electricity, the system is ready to go. Simple, effective and reliable.

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