Predictive Maintenance Solution

De Challenge

Predictive maintenance implies capturing industrial data, but which data do you need ? At which frequency ? How to collect, structure and efficiently exploit it ?
DiagRAMS Technologies provides a predictive maintenance software based on its deep industry expertise and cutting edge proprietary Artificial Intelligence technology perfectly fitted to industrial field challenges. Our global monitoring solution empowers maintenance teams with specific alerts of driftdetection, anomaly diagnosis and prognostics.

De Solution

– Detection of drifts and early anomalies
– Diagnosis of equipements malfunctions
– Prediction of failures and security threshold exceeding

De Businesscase

– Gain time on your interventions and diagnoses
– Anticipate your team planning, your spare parts orders
– Save money: avoid overconsumption, breakages or failures, optimize your spare parts stock, extend your maintenance intervals…
– Monitor your assets with a turnkey, easy to use and intuitive tool thanks to targeted alerts

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