De Challenge

Tank farms especially those with floating roofs have an issue with oily water run off and the problem of trying to remove extremely thin layers like diesel, Jet1 and petrol and floating debris

De Solution

The SurfCleaner® is the worlds first hybrid skimmer separator that will remove and separate thin layers from 1 micron to crude, sludge, plastics and micro plastics from the water surface from run off tanks and oil water separators. The system is fully automated and constantly adjusts to the conditions without the need for supervision. The recovered oils have a water content of 0.1 – 0.5%

Watch de innovation pitch from SurfCleaner AB here

De Businesscase

The SurfCleaner® will reduce oily water disposal by up to 85% and can reduce VOC emissions by up to 95% uses 13 times less energy than traditional methods for removing oil and debris from water.

Surfcleaner AB

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