Technowrap™ Composite Repair

De Challenge

  • External Corrosion, e.g. corrosion pits, weld corrosion: for external defects, the application of a composite repair will prevent further corrosion. Therefore, defect size/remaining wall thickness at application of repair is used in the design.
  • Internal Corrosion & Through wall defects, e.g. leaks: the application of a composite repair will not stop internal corrosion. Therefore you need to assume that internal defect will grow through the wall during design life.
  • Cracks (under certain conditions ) and Dents: dependant on crack orientation & loads, axial cracks can propagate out with composite. Mechanical impacts and dents can be repaired

De Solution

Engineered composite repairs are used for pressure systems and structural reinstatement. Hand applied, wet-lay-up system that can form round any geometry. They combine woven cloth either carbon fiber or e-glass with a mix of two-part epoxies.

  • Pressure containing once cured
  • Allow for selective / targeted repair and reinstatement for most defects (external, internal and through wall)
  • Extend asset life – Design of up to 20 years
  • Fully bespoke engineering package

De Businesscase

  • Design Flexibility: Can be designed to match the specific mechanical properties required for a repair, allowing for customization. They are full engineered and come with traceability and documentation to support design basis.
  • Defined life: The intended service lifetime of the repair, in accordance with ISO 24817, the design lifetime is between two and 20 years, allowing operators to extend the life of their assets or get through to the next available shutdown.
  • Reduced Downtime: Can often be carried out without the need for extensive dismantling, reducing the downtime. The repair are targeted and can be applied live with no shutdown

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