Voltpack Mobile System

De Challenge

  • Limited amount of power from the grid connection in the context of: construction works, EV charging, events, maintenance services
  • Replacing or reducing diesel generators at construction sites or events and festivals, maintenance works
  • Enabling electric fast charging infrastructure in places where the grid infrastructure is too weak or does not exist

De Solution

The solution is a mobile and plug and play mobile energy storage system that essentially:

  • Provides a boost of power to limited grid power connection
  • Hybridizes with a diesel generator to reduce or eliminate fuel consumption
  • Creates an islanded power grid when there is no grid infrastructure

De Businesscase

In the case of boosting a limited grid connection, the customer achieves:
– Faster start of construction leading to overall shorter project time and less risk of delay penalties
– Cheaper alternative than using a diesel generator in parallel
– No noise at the construction site

In the case of a hybrid diesel/battery setup:
– Reduced overall fuel consumption and similar overall setup costs
– Reduced maintenance needs on the generators as they are running at their optimal range

In the case of an islanded setup:
– Given same fuel and diesel transportation costs, kWh from electricity are cheaper than diesel kWhs

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