Cleaning tool: Jopie

One of the innovations iTanks contributed to is the cleaning robot developed for the cleaning of scaffolding poles like jetties and drilling platforms, developed by Boskalis. A collaboration of Max Schellenbach (Boskalis), Joop Hoegen (Hoegen Constructies) and Cor van de Linde (iTanks)  designed and developed this multipurpose cleaning tool.

As the name suggests, this innovation is suitable for multiple purposes: cleaning, inspection and repair! In addition to above and underwater cleaning, the tool is suitable for ultrasonic wall thickness measurements, allowing ad hoc repairs to be carried out. Other major advantages of the innovation are that it is more economically, faster, safer and more environmental friendly than cleaning  in the old-fashioned way, with the help of divers.In combination with a cofferdam that will be installed around the scaffolding pole, coating and repair work on the pile can be carried out dry.

Currently the Multipurpose cleaning tool is only active in Dutch waters, but we are convinced that in the future it will conquer the world’s oceans and harbors! The innovation has been extensively tested and has been successful for cleaning scaffolding poles. On this video you can see the Multipurpose cleaning tool in action