Partner case: Decommissioning

Decommissioning step by step: REYM in the spotlight – Total Care service provider in the field of industrial cleaning, transport and waste management – has been a specialist in offshore cleaning for 25 years.

When the life cycle of a production platform is finished, it will be dismantled. Cleaning and possibly decontamination are necessary before decommissioning can be started. Reym has developed a specialistic method for this activity in the oil and gas industry. The following steps can be distinguished:

Step 1. Degassing the installation. The process installation will be degassed by treating it with chemicals, nitrogen, water or steam. When finished, the presence of hydrocarbon compounds, mercury and radioactivity is measured. If the values ​​are within the limits, the installation can be opened safely after clearance.

Step 2. Offshore cleaning. During the production life, liquid waste flows originated in the installation which may have led to hydrocarbon compounds, mercury and radioactive waste. Reym specializes in the cleaning of these installations. The released waste materials are stored in certified offshore tanks, which can be processed onshore. After cleaning, the installation components are again measured and removed if they are within the limited values. If the values exceed, we realign  with the customer the best method for further decontamination.

Step 3.  Reym can take care of decontamination both onshore and offshore. Single installation components can optionally be decontaminated onshore. All residual contamination is removed in a controlled manner, so that the remaining decommissioning activities can be continued safely and efficiently. Offshore decontamination is more efficient, safer and up to 20% more economical.