Partner case: Hydra Cleaning Robot

Mourik introduces a robot that will become the new standard within the bundle cleaning. At
the demonstration of 11 October, Mourik showed his most innovative side. She developed
the Hydra ™ Robotic Exchanger Cleaning. A unique product in the world of industrial
cleaning, where the internal bundle cleaning is carried out completely autonomously.

Machine learning
The Hydra Cleaning Robot first makes a 3D scan of the tube plate of the heat exchanger.
After this he goes straight to work cleaning handsfree. The technique that performs these
actions is a technique developed by Mourik that bears the name SCALAR ™. Here you will
find years of experience in bundle cleaning linked to the state-of-the-art technology of
machine learning. After the 3D scan advanced algorithms teach the machine what needs to
be done to clean the bundle. If a deviation is detected, the system immediately adjusts the
cleaning method.