Partners in the iTanks Innovation Zone @ StocExpo | Part 2

From 10 to 12 March, iTanks will be at the iTanks Innovation Zone with around 16 partners at StocExpo in Rotterdam Ahoy. In this second article you can read what four participating parties will present during the exhibition days. During the coming weeks we will keep you informed about the innovations that you will find in the iTanks Innovation Zone. We will be happy to welcome you during one of these days. Register to visit us at stand E28 via this link.

Antea Group Insights (AGI) is a geo-information-based asset management system that tracks the progress and results of (required) inspections, therefore tracking compliance to relevant safety regulations. AGI connects each asset with relevant surveys based on the specific requirements for that asset. The surveyor inspects the assets using a mobile device. The collected data is visualised in an interactive dashboard, where the status of inspections, assets and subsequent defects is visible at any desired moment. AGI is brought to you by Antea Group and ESRI Nederland.

The concept we use to improve Cyber Security within your Process Automation is known as defense in depth. The network topology is one of the main components of this approach. Our focus is to improve the security and availability of the production environment while maintaining the possibilities to exchange production data between office and production. To achieve this, we separated the network in different zones, a grouping of logical or physical assets that share common security requirements based on factors such as criticality and consequence. When Cyber Security meets Industrial Automation, our engineers perform at their best.

Altena Group is the expert in draining, cleaning and degassing of petrochemical installations. Altena Group uses innovative chemical cleaning methods complemented with existing techniques like steaming, flushing and pigging. These techniques make it possible to clean entire systems without even opening them. Their effectiveness improvements lead to better results, safer opening and entry during turn arounds, waste and emission reduction and less down time in production. With their dedicated and trained personnel, privately owned equipment and brand independent chemicals Altena Group designs the best possible solution. We help our clients to implement our decontamination method. For more information:

When your tanks are out of service, they are not making you money. At Jotun, we have dramatically reduced the application time for lining tanks. Products, such as Tankguard SF, allowing for wet-on-wet application, and Tankguard Plus, allowing for up to 50% faster completion – give you significantly shorter shutdowns, letting your tanks return to service quicker than ever before. This means more operational time, maximizing your profitability. Ensure your tanks are earning to their full potential, fast… TankFast. Take care of business from the inside. Get faster with your tank linings.