“Easy access to various production methods”

The community of the RDM Flex Office is growing. Read the interview with Mustafa Azoulaye (Azoulaye’s Mechanical Design), one of the flexers.

Azoulaye’s Mechanical Design office develops all kinds of innovative products for the biomedical industry. Founder Mustafa Azouleye makes good use of the knowledge and skills he has acquired during his studies in nuclear technology and mechanical engineering. His work experience in the biomedical industry has also ensured that he ultimately started to design and build products for himself. Currently, Mustafa is building arm support for people with MS, for example, so that these people suffer less from their limitations in their daily lives.

Why are you flexing on the RDM?
‘”I have worked in Eindhoven for a long time in the high-tech industry, including at ASML. Now that I work for myself, I like to be in an environment where many young companies sit and have easy access to various production methods, such as the RDM Makersspace. Moreover, you are here in the neighborhood of the big city where a lot is happening and it is also affordable! What I really find a plus point is that the RDM Flex Office is available even at the weekend to work. This is because I am working on my own company. ”

What are you looking for?
“I would like to produce prototypes. This requires financing. And especially when I want to scale with the production. In addition to financing, I am looking for contacts with organizations that can help me to get in touch with patients and end-users to further improve the developed prototypes / products and to develop new suitable solutions. ”

Also interested in a flexible workspace at the RDM?
Call or mail Robin Groen: 06 30 81 80 78 | Robin@itanks.eu
More information: www.itanks.eu/flexen-op-rdm/