De Challenge

Connecting Machines, Equipment, Devices, Sensors, and other Assets to the Cloud with IoT solutions enables data collection and propels Digital Transformation. With this data companies can reduce outages, improve service, speed up turnarounds, cut costs, create value, and introduce new business models. Creating reliable, scalable and future-proof IoT solutions is, however, complex and requires solid expertise in diverse areas that only a handful of companies have. As a result, many IoT projects fail to deliver their full value or are getting stuck in the pilots.

De Solution

BACE (Build a Connection Everywhere) serves as a building block, the critical link of the IoT chain that connects the asset and the cloud. With BACE you can build state-of-the-art IoT implementations that operate worldwide, in only a few weeks. BACE is hardened, scalable, cost-effective, secure, and future proof. It consists of two completely integrated parts: the BACE gateway and the BACE Cloud. The gateway connects to any asset using its multiple protocols (wired or wireless). In the Cloud, data can be retrieved through a RESTful API. In between BACE handles everything, including data transfer, through the 2G, 4G or 5G cellular network.

De Businesscase

EVALAN created BACE with flexibility in mind, which is why it can accommodate countless use-cases in diverse industries. Since BACE is available in different packages, it can also be used during any phase of the Digital Transformation process (from a proof of concept that tests functionality and confirms ROI, to a full-scale implementation). BACE commercial models include SAAS and Licensing to alleviate concerns of vendor lock-in.


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